Friday, February 6, 2015

Do you ever get tired of making quilts?

I was on a guild retreat last weekend and my friend Thelma asked me if I ever get tired of making quilts.  I told her "No", but then I had to amend myself.  I have moments and days when I just don't feel like working on them, and then I have other moments and days when I want to do nothing but that.  But do I ever get tired enough to stop?  Never.

I don't sew much at home any more.  I do most of my sewing on retreats.  I enjoy the communal sewing environment.  The visiting.  The snacking.  The sharing of techniques and tricks.

I don't sew much at home because I feel guilty.  Not guilty for taking the time to sew.  But guilty because there is a pile of quilts waiting to be quilted.  I tend to do more quilting at home and more piecing on retreats.

Quilting is another thing.  I just have to be in the mood to do it or I don't do a very good job and am unhappy with the product.  Sometimes I don't quilt for weeks or months and then all of a sudden I'll quilt 4 or 5 quilts in a weekend.  It's just whenever the mood strikes me.

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