Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's most definitely a new year!

So many things have changed and life is really different.  

I have spent the last 3 weeks moving.  I find that I am really not as attached to furniture and "things" as I used to be.  Maybe it's maturity or something.

I have worked my last day at my job.  My retirement is not official until February 15, but I am on terminal leave.  It certainly is a relief to not be under all that stress any more.  Toward the end, I was really not sure I'd make it.  I haven't had time to really enjoy being retired yet, but I have enjoyed sleeping in though.

Needless to say, I've been terribly busy moving and going through the laundry list of things I've been putting off like taking the dog to get her teeth cleaned, taking the cats to the vet, getting myself to the dentist and to get my hair cut, getting a new remote control for the garage, cleaning out my car, etc.

Mom and I have merged our fabric stashes.  Boy, oh boy!  We have sooooo much fabric.  We have absolutely no excuse to ever go shopping again.  We need to get busy sewing!  

And on that note, I have actually gotten back to quilting after almost 2 months of a break.  I quilted two quilts in as many days.  I've been through my bin of "to be quilted" items and made lists.  I have backs to make or trim and batting to cut and binding fabric to choose, etc.  I'm going to take care of those things this weekend at our Superbowl Retreat.  When I get home, I should have no less than 5 quilts ready to be put on the longarm.  It sure will be nice to get those out of the way and no longer hanging over my head.  Who knew it could be stressful having a bin (or two) of unfinished projects?