Works in Progress

Do you call them UFOs (UnFinished Projects) or WIPs (Works in Progress)?   WIPs has a much more positive connotation.  It leads to the idea that they will progress further and possibly actually get finished.
  1. Up a Lazy River -  still needs borders and quilting.  It'll be a while, because I have ambitious designs on the quilting and my skill is not quite able to follow through yet
  2. Butterfly Purse - making it up as I go
  3. Indonesian Railroad - Ready to be quilted, but it's huge!  It won't fit my frame and will either have to be done on my domestic machine or else I'll have to pay somebody to do it.  I've never paid anybody yet to quilt for me and I don't really want to start now.  And I guess there's no need, since I have nobody to give it to at this time.
  4. Snail's Trail Blues - still in the piecing stage
  5. Christmas Star - still semi-actively working on this one.  It's my first quilt that is paper pieced.
  6. Quilt-in-a-Box - This was a block swap.  Still needs quilting and binding.
  7. Stars and Stripes - needs borders

I can't believe my list is finally this small, but I'm pretty sure there are others.

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