Saturday, August 2, 2014

Time.... A Recurring Subject

It's happened again.  We've had this trip to Wyoming planned for months now and I've been looking forward to it, but now that it is here, it has just snuck up on me.  

I had to finish up the quilting on a customer quilt and get it to her before I leave.  It was a Craftsman pattern (if you've seen that one) with books in the center.  I outlined the books and they came out really well.  It gave it some good texture and made them look like real books, slightly rounded, etc.  Isn't it cool?
I had to work today but it was slow so I was able to cut out early.  I came home and decided to make padded sleeves for our laptops so that we can take them on the trip with us and worry less about them getting damaged.  I also made a zippered bag to put my power cord and mouse in.  I'll probably put the power cords for my Nook and my phone in there as well.  All the power cords for the electronics all in one place.  They came out really good and didn't take long at all.  They match the sleeve I already made for our Nooks.  A matching set.

We'll be traveling in style now!

Tomorrow I'm meeting a friend for lunch and after that I'll be packing.  Woohoo!