Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cold Nights and Quilts

I remember when I was young, I visited my Grandma and we slept under the weight of several quilts.  It seemed like they were piled to the sky.  There is a certain comfort and security in the weight of all that warmth.

For now, I sleep in a twin bed, but never alone.  I either have one long legged crazy dog or one really fat cat that likes to sleep on my head or on my chest or I have one other cat that sleeps by my feet.  On rare occasions, I have all three and maybe even some others. I mean, whose bed is it anyway?

Up until now, it's been warm at night, especially with all of those extra bodies in the bed, and I am forced to sleep with a fan, or freeze out everybody in the house.  But last night, was our first cold night.  I loved it!  The only problem is that big lanky dog hogs the covers and my butt ends up hanging out of the covers.  Now before last night, no worries, but last night, it was not acceptable.  

So today, I placed my queen sized Blooming Nine Patch on my twin sized bed.  All those extra little seams in there make this quilt a little heavier than normal and I can't wait to snuggle in there tonight.  Doesn't it look comfy?


QuiltSwissy said...

Loving it! We have a queen sized bed and no quilt fits it. I hadn't realized I only make small quilts for some reason. That's ok, McGee is a heater dog who puts out a million BTUs. And DiNozzo has to be pressed up against me to live.

Karen said...

Looks good. I totally understand about the dog in the bed. Jacques Joseph usually sleeps at the foot of the bed but last night he slept right next to me. Between my quilts and his body heat I was nice and toasty.