Monday, November 11, 2013

Excuses! Excuses!

Well, at first I couldn't post anything good because the projects I am working on are secret.   They are either Secret Pal gifts or Christmas Presents.  Then, I was working so much I was never here.  All that is bull and I know it too.  I've just been lazy.

I work in a quilt shop and we have just moved into a store front on October 1.  We spent lots of time arranging the store and setting up new procedures for how to do things.  And then there's my never ending job of pricing and posting to the web every single piece of inventory that arrives at the shop.  My boss has gone crazy ordering and I have just been buried under a pile of new merchandise.  

Then she and the only full time employee went to market and I was left running the store.  It was a bit of pressure as I waved goodbye holding all of my hastily scribbled lists of things to do.  Luckily, they were always available via phone and text.  Isn't amazing how times have changed!  I had to stretch my comfort zones doing things I don't normally do and and totally not comfortable with, but I survived.

I even went to a retreat on the weekend between the days I was in charge.  Can't show you those pictures either.  Sorry.

I can show you one picture though.  It is a Blooming Nine Patch made from Jane Sasseman fabric.  This was a work in progress for ....... well, since February of 2010.  I found the picture in a group from a retreat of that weekend.  It's finally done and I absolutely love it.  I finished the binding at retreat and I slept under it all weekend, even while the binding was only half done.  This one will be mine!  

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