Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Weekend Getaway

Friday, Mom and I headed out for Natchitoches, Louisiana (the earliest permanent settlement in the Louisiana Purchase). Her brother (my Uncle Harvey) is there. His wife's mother is 96 and needs taking care of.  Her sister usually does that but is currently going through chemo, so they are down here from Oregon for about 8 months or so.  Anyway, this was our first trip to visit.  We had a really nice time.  

Harvey put us up in a local bed and breakfast Andrew Morris House, because Mom's birthday is coming and he wanted to do something special for us.  It was a really nice experience.  I've never stayed in a bed and breakfast before.  It was a neat old home.  It had those ceiling tiles with the little holes in them like the ones in my grandma's old house.  It was quiet as a mouse in there and very comfortable.  Breakfast was great as well. We had raspberry bread pudding as an appetizer. I always thought dessert first was a great idea.  We had a rolled omelet and southwest grits and biscuits.  There was also a juice that was a mixture of orange juice and cranberry.  Not something I ever would have thought of but it was very good.

We got a chance to visit with his sister-in-law and encourage her interest in quilting.

We also went out to dinner at a really nice restaurant on the Sibley Lake and saw a wonderful sunset.  

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