Monday, November 18, 2013

Hectic days!

The Quilt Shop where I work "part time" is having its Grand Opening this Thursday, so we have been frantically getting things ready.  

I have worked at least part of the last 2 weekends trying to get more and more items into the bar code Point of Sale system.  We can still check out other things that are not bar coded, but the bar coded ones will go a lot quicker.  

Plus, we've had new furniture delivered several times, so we've had to rearranged the store fixtures again and again.  

And every day UPS or FedEx or USPS or all of them are delivering more and more fabric! We got 4 boxes of fabric today along with a new shelving unit for the store room, which needed to be put together.  Then of course, we had to organize the store room.  And there's the big splash of Downton Abbey fabric which came in late on Friday.  All of that had to be priced, bar coded, and loaded onto the web site.

I'll be glad when Thursday is over!

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