Friday, July 6, 2012

Short week

The work week sure goes by fast when it starts on Thursday and ends on Friday.  I took off on Monday and Tuesday to catch up on some sewing and to jump start my new diet.  Then Wednesday was a holiday.  I was at work yesterday, but had to leave early for a doctor's appointment.  Then today is Friday. Whoopee! Too bad they are not all this way.

This has been a busy year of guild projects for me.

  • January-November - Mystery Quilt
  • February - Retreat
  • February-August - Paint Chip Challenge Leader and participant
  • March-April - Quilt in a Box project
  • May - Retreat
  • May-October - Christmas Lotto Block Committee
  • September-October - Guild Auction Committee
  • November-December - Christmas Party Committee

Last night was our guild meeting.  It was a bit hectic for me and I had way too much caffeine at dinner so I was a bit fragmented when I got there.  We started selling the Christmas Lotto block kits at this meeting.  We originally made up 120 kits, which will come out to be six quilts.  And wouldn't you know it, we sold every single one of them.  We took a show of hands and then we pre-sold almost another quilt's worth.  So I guess we'll be making 40 more kits and there'll be eight quilts, unless we have to make even more.  It'll be neat to have so many winners at our Christmas Party.

Every year the guild has a challenge and this year the challenge was to be a Paint Chip Challenge which the board volunteered me to head up.  I have my paint chips and I have my fabric, but I have not been able to zero in on which pattern I want to use.  My fabrics are perfect for a baby quilt and it should go fast, but I don't want something that is too simple.  I want to do something unique.  I finally have an idea that I may be happy with.  I'm gonna check it out in EQ this evening to see if it'll work the way I expect.  And then, of course, I'll have to see if I have enough of the fabric to do what I want.  If I can at least decide WHAT I'm doing, then maybe I can get started.  It would be really terrible if I didn't even have a quilt in the competition, after being in charge.  Not saying that's gonna happen!  I'll stay up all night the night before, but I won't let that happen.  Anyway, it's due at our August meeting. Do you see where all the !!!!! are coming from? 

In addition to all these, I've been on two retreats already and have three more scheduled.  I have quilted 5 more quilts for the family of my friend who died last year and two for a lady at work.  I have 5 of my own quilts ready to be quilted, one from a friend (got it last night), and a pile of Mom's at her house.

I may be caught up one project, but I'm way behind on most of the others.    

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QuiltSwissy said...

And thanks for doing the paint chip challenge. My blocks are 3/4 the way done. Now I can't find the book they came from........aughhh!