Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I was on a quilt retreat this past weekend.  I don't know about you, but where I live, we have small group retreat of 6-10 people.  We all work on our own projects and we share the chores of making meals.  It's a great way to get a lot done and we have a nice time getting to know each other and trying to out do each other on food.

This weekend was rather frustrating for me because my ankle kept swelling up.  I had surgery on my Achilles Tendon back in August and the doctor told me at the time that the recovery period would be 3-5 months because of the extensive nature of what he had to do.  When the doctor says 3-5 months, you want to think that you are in great shape and that you know your body better than he does and that it can't possibly take as long as he thinks.  Well, believe him!  He actually does know what he's talking about. 

I was doing fine up until last month when it was 5 months out.  Then the day before my January retreat, it swoll up like a sprained ankle.  I spent my whole weekend at retreat sewing a while and laying on the couch with ice for a while and sewing for a while.... you get the drift. 

It was really frustrating for me in that I was not able to get much done.  At each retreat, I was able to pin some things while I was laying on the couch, so that time was not totally wasted.  I only wished I had something to bind so I could justify my time.  The other part that was frustrating was that everybody kept coming to check on me and I was making them worry, which distracted them from their own projects.

I remembered something the physical therapist said "it's the muscles in your leg that pump the fluid out of your foot".  It only makes sense that if I'm not doing anything that I can't expect the fluid to go away on it's own while my foot is hanging down.

I think I have finally figured out the problem. On my normal days at work, it swells a tiny bit, but nothing like it did at retreat. At retreat, I sit a lot and at work, I do not. I think that the next retreat I go on in May, I'll have to set a timer and get up and walk around in the house or down the street every 30 minutes or so and see if that doesn't help.

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