Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Avoidance: Pro or Con?

Is avoidance necessarily a bad thing? 

Sometimes, avoidance is the biggest motivator in the world.  There are times when I will do anything and everything (including laundry and carpet cleaning and other less than desirable tasks) to avoid doing the one thing that I need to do.

Other times, avoidance is just plain avoidance and leads to absolutely nothing. It leads to spending all day long watching television or just running around in circles accomplishing not a single thing.

Guess which phase of avoidance I have been in the last few days.

The frustrating part of the whole avoidance thing is that I frequently tend to let the object of my avoidance to grow in importance over time. Then one day when I finally do get around to dealing with the thing, it turns out that it was really not that big of a deal.  And I can't even figure out why I waited so long.

Today is the first Wednesday of the year and therefore it was the first weigh-in for our workplace Be a Loser! contest.  With everything I have been eating in the last two weeks, the first weigh-in number was almost more than I could deal with.  I take comfort in believing that I won't see that number any more after today. 

Today is also the first Wednesday of the first Quilt Along at the Free Motion Quilting Project.  I have committed to following along.  I am also committed to following along with the 2012 Free Motion Quiltling Challenge at SewCalGal.  I really would like to improve my skill and comfort level with free motion quilting.  I know that practice, practice, practice is the key to accomplishing my goals and yet, I can't seem to get started.   I feel sure that both of these projects will help me achieve those goals.  It's perfect that these two projects have come along at this point in time. 

Good luck to me!   And to all of you!

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Cats and Quilts said...

1. I grok the avoidance thing. Like doctor appointments. I should have had my thyroid check in Dec. and i still have not made the appointment nor had the blood-pull. Go figure.

2. Weird that the moment I face what I have avoided, it becomes so insignificant. This is usually because something else has taken it's place in the queue of things to do.

3. as to the weigh-in: I have taken up jogging theses past 3 months, in earnest, so it really ticks me off that i have not shed one single solitary ounce of weight. I feel better. But I look exactly the same. Oh Well.

4. Very Good Luck to you! I love that you are so into free-motion..... Leah Day is amazing and inspiring. Are you entering anything in the GSQA show in April?