Friday, February 20, 2015

New Habits and Challenges

With all the posts on Ash Wednesday and Lent, I have set to pondering things.

I am trying to start some new habits.  Since I retired, I have been really bad about procrastinating, or just forgetting, or shall we say, just lost all of my organizational skills.  I guess if you don't have to cram 15 errands in the hour after work and before things close, then you don't have to be so organized anymore.  

I have gotten myself a little notebook and I have daily To Do Lists in there.  I make lists.  Yes, I admit it.  Anyway, so far it's really working out well.  I have gotten more done and I have accomplished some things that I have been putting off for a long time.

I have also started to try to de-clutter my life.  That means that I am trying to get organized, but that I am also trying to get some STUFF out of my life.  I saw on Facebook where somebody issued a 40 days and 40 bags of stuff challenge.  I don' t see that happening, but I am going to work toward something.

I have already re-arranged the sewing room and made better use of space.  I have more floor space for sure and it doesn't feel near as claustrophobic as it did before.  I have found lots of stuff that was way way way back in my mind and I had sort of forgotten I had it.

I have also challenged myself to make at least one wheelchair quilt each month for a year.  Last year our quilt guild made wheelchair quilts for the war veterans home up in Jackson, La, but we really didn't get very many done.  They are basically small 27" by 36" quilts.  They are fast and easy and a great way to make use of scraps and to try out new blocks.  And the benefit to those at the home, well, priceless! These are the ones I made last year.

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