Thursday, February 19, 2015

Been a busy girl!

Since we last talked, I've been a busy girl.  I have quilted 5 more quilts, made a quilt top, and totally rearranged my quilt room.

The quilts I quilted were for other people.  Why is it that I always put them first?  Maybe because some of them pay me.....  

Not only did I quilt these quilts, but I tried some new things.  
  • On two of the quilts, I used some of the quilting stencils that I have.   I experimented with different ways to mark them since there were lots of different fabrics in one of the quilts and some marking implements worked better than others on different fabrics.  As you can see, I even finished it off with my faux piping binding.  Love, love, love how fast and how cool!
  • I drew ruler lines on another quilt and used them as reference for some angular quilting.
  • I quilted one for a friend who had believed that she was going to quilt it on her home machine.  She already had it marked with a design that she was going to do, so I just quilted on her lines.  That was something new as well.
I still have at least 12 waiting for me, and most of those are mine.  Have a few backs to make and need to get cutting on the batting so they'll be all ready to go.  Then I won't have any excuses!

Heading out to a retreat this weekend.  Oh No!  I guess I'll be adding to that pile soon enough.

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