Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Stash Reduction Mode

When your sewing room is so full of fabric that there's just no place to put things, what do you do?  

It seemed like I was forever having to move stuff.  You need to iron, then you need to move the stuff off the ironing board, so put it on the cutting board.  Now you need to cut, so you have to move the stuff on the cutting board.  Eventually stuff ends up on the floor.

So I had to put myself in stash reduction mode.  Mom and I got together and decided that we had to do something.  We went through all of our fabric looking for flimsy stuff, ugly stuff, stuff we thought we'd never use and culled it out.  There were 2 full Walmart bags.  Once I started looking at it, it wasn't that bad and I couldn't see just getting rid of it (Typical quilter), so I took a different route.  I took all the fat quarters and up to a yard pieces out of those bags and ironed them and then cut them into 5 1/4 strips.  Then I took them to work and cut them into 5" squares using the AccuCut Studio.  At least they take up less space.

I put myself in stash reduction mode.  Unless there's a really good reason, I'm not buying fabric, except for neutrals to use with my scraps.

Since then, I've made one quilt from that 5" square stash and another quilt from my 2 1/2" strip stash and one from a turnover stack that I received from my secret pal.  Looking at the piles before and the piles after, I've come to realize that just in those 2 tiny drawers there are more than a few quilts waiting to happen.

As a result of my stash reduction mode, I've actually become more productive and it seems that I've turned into a scrap quilter.  At least for now.

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