Monday, March 31, 2014


Are you a procrastinator like me?  When I have something that I am nervous about or really don't want to do, I blow it all out of proportion and it is this big looming ball of stress. I suddenly find myself inspired to work on anything and everything except that and I am so productive.  This happened to me last week.  

I had a quilt top to quilt for a friend.  It was the first one I had ever done for her.  I respect this woman so much.  She's been quilting for something like 40 years.  She knows that I have only really done meandering but she mentioned that this one repetitive place on the quilt really needed something extra.  I was willing to try, but let me tell you, I was scared of that quilt.  

It hung on the design wall in my bedroom for at least 2 weeks.  Once I decided what to do, I had a little burst of energy and knocked it out.  And then, of course, I was like "what was I so worried about?"  I think it turned out okay for a first attempt at such things.  The chalk still shows a bit in the pictures.

And everything turned out great, because she loved what I did.  And it was done in time to send it to her Grandson for his birthday.

But during those 2 weeks, I think I quilted 6 quilts - some for me and some for Mom and one for a lady at the church.

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QuiltSwissy said...

It looks much better than my Chicken Dance. that is the one I stepped out on with free form quilting. But, hey, it can only go up!