Sunday, March 16, 2014

More Secrets

Well, I finished up my Triangle Challenge Lotto Block today.  I thought I had done it last week.  I had it hanging on the wall to admire, but the more I looked at it, the more I thought it was just not finished.  So anyway, I hacked on it and changed it up today and now I REALLY like it.  I hope the others do too.  Sorry, but it's still a secret until April 7.  It's gonna be hard to keep it in, but I'll show you as soon as it is revealed.  

I also worked on my Modern Cotton Robin.  You may have also called this a progressive quilt or a traveling quilt or something like that.  We turned in our initial blocks at the last meeting and we picked up somebody else's initial block.  Now we are challenged to put a round on the other person's block.  It could be a pieced border.  It could be square or set on point or even wonky.  We could even choose to only put borders on 1 or 3 sides if we so choose.  Being modern in nature, there's no telling.  There's one round that we'll trade off on April 7 and another round we'll trade off on May 5.  The last round will be traded on June 2. That last person will be responsible for quilting and binding.  We won't get to see any of the blocks again until the meeting on July 7.  What a long wait!

Anyway, I've enjoyed working on this first block.  The block I received was somewhat busy in nature, so the challenge to me was to calm it down some and yet, not be boring or traditional.  I think I accomplished that.  So now it should be wide open for the next person to take it in a wild direction.  Can't wait for the next round.

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