Thursday, August 15, 2013


Well, somehow I ended up scheduled for back to back retreats.  I was even in charge, so you'd think that wouldn't happen.  But anyway..... it turned out to be a good thing.  I really enjoyed myself.  We had 9 of us for the first 3 days and a different 8 of us for the second 3 days.  One person besides me was there for both retreats.  

We had lots of fun, ate some wonderful food, laughed a lot and got some quilting done in spite of ourselves.

On the first retreat, I got the binding attached to 2 quilts.  I hand sewed down the binding for one of them and for one that belonged to somebody else.  


I also sewed two baby quilts using one of the Big Block Baby Quilt patterns from Quiltmaker.  They were cute and fast.

Next I started on the Falling Leaves - it still needs borders,etc.
Then there was the eventual goodbye hugs and the clean up.  
Karen and I spent a quiet night alone at the retreat house and had some leftovers for dinner.  We weren't very hungry. We did some rearranging of the tables for optimum usage with 8 people rather than 9.

The next morning, a whole new crew arrived and we were ready to start again.

My next project was Stars and Stripes.  The basic idea came from the Quilts of Valor brochure, but I changed all those curves (sign of the cross) to some easy half square triangles.  I think it came out neat.  It still needs borders, etc.

I also bound another of the two quilts that I attached binding to.  It's nice to have some hand work so you can lounge in the recliner and not feel guilty.  And it is relaxing as well.

I also made a quick case for Mom for her Nook for when she wants to stick it in her purse and not get it all scratched up.

By the time Wednesday came around, I just couldn't get motivated.  I helped Karen work out the logistics on one of her quilts and I was cheering Margaret on to finish her baby quilt with directional fabric.  I finally asked Karen for a quilt that I could bind so I would feel like I was doing something.  I got 3/4 of it done, so I know she was happy.

It was a really good six days.  I would do it again.  But for now, I'm happy to be home.

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