Monday, May 27, 2013


Got my paint this morning.  It was still on sale Woohoo!

It took 1/2 a can of paint and 1/2 the day to trim everything on the stairwell and the downstairs hall.  

Lets just start by saying I hate rolling paint and paint rollers.  I was almost done with rolling the first coat down the stairwell, down the hall and back on the ceiling.  Just before I got to the end of the first coat, I broke the handle on the roller. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!  I just quit right there and washed up everything. 

I'll go get another roller handle tomorrow and do the second coat early in the day when the light is good down there.

For now, I'm gonna visit with Foxy Lady for a while and then I'm gonna go find some PIZZA!  I earned it!

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