Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hurricane Party?

This past weekend, I had a wonderful retreat with some great ladies!

Monday and Tuesday were spent preparing for the onslaught of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac.  The stores were packed with people.  There was only one type of bread left and the battery section was pretty well stripped.  Every basket was loaded down and when you looked, there were lots of chips and drinks and you'd think that they were planning for a Hurricane Party instead of disaster preparedness.

Now, we are "hunkered down" in our house hiding from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac.  We saw quite a bit of wind yesterday with the trees whipping around.  So far today, lots of wind and not so much rain.  The first rain we saw was this morning and it was more of a sprinkle or a heavy sprinkle.  We are under Hurricane Warning, Tornado Warning and Flash Flood Warning.  Scary.  We lost power last night and got it back this morning so we were doing our best to keep up with things via the blackberry, emails and texts.

This storm brings back memories of Tropical Storm Allison that came in and just sat on us, just like this.

Spending quite a bit of time watching the Weather Channel.  Really feel for those people down in Plaquemines Parish.  Trying to remain calm and think positive.  It's gonna be a long ordeal.

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QuiltSwissy said...

We still have lights, by some miracle. Country club is out already, Ann is in the dark.

We have a big branch that fell on the deck, but so far so good.

Just waiting.