Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Wonder of Love

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  I attended the wedding of James, a young man that I have so much love and respect for.  I am so proud to have known him even for a short time.  I met him when he became my student worker.  I grew to respect his integrity, his dependability, his passion for his dreams, his love for his family.  I was proud to meet with the police interviewer to speak of his great character.  I was excited for him when he was accepted into the police academy.  I rejoiced with him when he gave the ring to his fiance' Megan.  I was proud to know the recruit's recruit who received academic awards and marksmanship awards.  I am sure (without doubt) that he is a wonderful police officer. I pray that he will live a long, loving life with the love of his life.  I wish him the best of everything, now and forever.

I hope that they will enjoy the quilt that I made for them.  I didn't know the colors they like but there are enough colors in the quilt that hopefully something will blend.  Like the saying goes, it's the thought that counts.  My thoughts and feelings and wishes for this couple are so profound and if any of that became infused in this quilt, then it will bring them warmth for years to come.

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