Saturday, May 26, 2012

Busy Busy Day

Quilting Retreat this weekend.  

Lots of progress being made. 

Theresa laid out blocks on her bed to get the orientation right.
Jo sewed these romantic star blocks.
Kind of a side shot of the quilt  top I made on  Friday.

Had to leave today with Mom to attend her high school class reunion -- 59 years.  We drove to Lake Arthur, LA to spend the day with 15 of her remaining 20 classmates. Then we drove back to the retreat in time for dinner.
Lake Arthur High School Class of '53

Quesadilla Casserole for dinner Friday with sinful chocolate cake and ice cream.  Karen's homemade scones for breakfast.  Gaye made pulled pork stuffed baked potatoes for lunch. And Theresa (yes, Theresa) made lasagna and bread and salad for dinner.  She almost had a nervous breakdown.  She doesn't cook, you see.  Tomorrow we are due for chicken enchiladas  for lunch and ribs for dinner.  Who said we were here to sew? It's all about the food!

Theresa dreamed she was milking a cow and out came condensed milk.  (you had to be there)

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