Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a weekend!

Weekends are supposed to be for "me" time, for stress relieving, for recovering from a week at work.  This weekend has certainly been none of those. 

I have been working on getting the tension set correctly on my Sunshine16.  

Saturday morning, I went to the grocery store.  Then I suggested a fun trip to Naylor's hardware and gardening supplies and a stop off for lunch.  We had poboys at City Cafe and then cruised the aisles of baby plants.  We came home with 8 tomato plants, fertilizer, and seeds for straight neck yellow squash, speckled butter beans, and silver queen corn.  I do love to watch things grow.  It was too wet to till the garden, so maybe tomorrow.

After we got home, I got a call from Mom about 3:00pm.  She was practically crying.  Something was wrong and she was really in pain.  I dropped everything and rushed over.  I can't believe it took me 35 minutes to get there in all the traffic.  We went to the hospital thinking maybe it was another kidney stone.  She had one several years ago and it was bad.  They did a urine test and sent her for a CT.  In the end it was diagnosed as severe gastroenteritis and she was sent home with a prescription for bentyl which is supposed to help with abdominal cramping.  We got home about 8:30 or 9:00.  The night was uneventful and this morning she was having minor cramps.  She's been taking the bentyl today and is on her way back to being herself.  I mowed the grass while I was there and hung out until after lunch when we went to Piccadilly. 

Then I came home because DBF was asking when I was coming home.  I am here.  I finished the laundry and now he's ignoring me while he works on posting stuff on eBay.  I'm surprised he even noticed I was gone.  Oh well, I ought to be used to it by now.

Mom was very thankful that I was able to come.  She apologized for keeping me from doing my own things.

I don't know if I ever do my own things anymore.

And now the weekend is practically over and it's time for work again.  I used to love work, the challenge, the helping people, etc., but it's not the adventure it used to be.  The latest political shit from our illustrious governor has me totally stressed out.

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rubyslipperz said...

I'm sorry that your weekend didn't include more "me time" for YOU. =(

sorry to read about your mom's being in pain..but, at least there was some solution to making her feel better.

My hubby does a lot of ignoring me. We've been married 38 years. If I feel I need a smile or a lift...I just go shopping by myself. I usually find happy people out on my exursions...If not at least i share my smile withe THEM and that make me happy. If I share a smile with DH, he usually doesn't notice =)