Thursday, January 12, 2012

So much to do

It's finally here!  Retreat is tomorrow and I've let it sneak up on me.  So much to do - buy groceries, organize projects, do laundry, pack car, put out food for the babies and enjoy myself.

I've really been missing my quilty time, but I have not been able to get in the mood.   I can't get inspired.  Or maybe that's not right.  I read your blogs and I get totally inspired.  I have a wish list in the back of my mind that gets longer and longer, but lately I just can't seem to put it into action. 

This retreat is coming at the perfect time.  I need to be booted out of this rut I'm in.  It's time for some accomplishment, for a change.  My UFO list is long.  My "Would Love To Do" list is also long.  My stash is large.  Need to get going!

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