Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My chili was a hit.  Every bit of it was finished off.  It was nice to have a bit of comraderie on a day when things were sooooo slooooow and there were so few of us around.
This week is really like being in limbo.  It's really hard to make it through.

I've sent out emails about an upcoming retreat I'm planning on Jan 13-16.  At least 2 people in the group from last time will not be able to attend this time, sooooo.... now I'm trying to find some others to take their places.  It's not just picking anybody, though it would be nice if it was.  I have to think of all of those in the group and what personalities will combine well with those already in the group.  And then of course, they have to be interested and they have to be available and they have to have the money. I'll need to find a few somebodys by the guild meeting next week. That'll be my best opportunity to finalize the list.

I've been reading up on Leah Day's website.  She's the genius who blogged the "The Free Motion Quilting Project" and has published over 365 free motion quilting designs that you can do on your regular domestic machine.  I have been procrastinating about trying them, but now I'm getting closer.  I've decided that I need to make a charm square quilt and try different designs in each square.  Another idea is that I should make a whole bunch of pot holders and try out qulting on each one.  Another advantage to that would be that I can try out those paper piecing blocks that I keep meaning to.  Last night I even got Claude to modify my free motion quilting foot like Leah did hers.  It's no longer a full circle, it's an open half circle.  I can see so much better.  I'm one step closer to getting started. 

I've also become addicted to reading and re-reading quilting blogs. If only all of you out there were like Judy - sometimes she posts 2 or 3 times a day.  I don't know why I am all of a sudden hanging on to them like they are a lifeline.  What has changed?  What is missing in my life?  What need to they fulfill? 

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