Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 UFO List

  1. Bill's Animals - I started this long ago for Bill (Mom's husband), but I was having trouble with design, and then he died and I totally lost the motivation
  2. Rainbow Jewel Box - still needs borders and quilting
  3. Blooming 9 Patch - still needs borders and quilting
  4. Up a Lazy River - still needs borders and quilting.  It'll be a while, because I have ambitious designs on the quilting and my skill is not quite able to follow through yet
  5. BQ - Ready to be quilted, but the back needs to be enlarged
  6. Butterfly Purse - making it up as I go
  7. Cat's Meow - hit some road blocks on the sizing and things didn't mathc up just so, so I put it aside.  It was too much challenge at the time and I have never gotten back to it.
  8. Indonesian Railroad - Ready to be quilted, but it's huge!  It won't fit my frame and will either have to be done on my domestic machine or else I'll have to pay somebody to do it.  I've never paid anybody yet to quilt for me and I don't really want to start now.
  9. Morning Splash - This was a joint project with my Mom to Judy Laquidara's pattern.  The center was fun it and it is striking.  The borders were a pain in the *&%.  It just needs quilting.
  10. Pineapple Blossom - based on Bonnie Hunter's pattern.  This one is currently loaded on my frame and will be quilted as soon as I figure out why the thread keeps breaking.
  11. Moose County Star - just needs quilting
  12. Rainbow Steps Baby Quilt - currently just blocks.  Need to determine a layout and follow through to the finish
  13. Mary Ann's Purse - bought the fabrics, etc, but haven't really gotten farther than that
  14. Old Thimbleberries Mystery - Some blocks are made.

    And these quilts I've committed to finish for my friend Norma who passed away in October 2011 from lung cancer....
  15. Norma's Hither and Yon - needs borders and to be quilted
  16. Norma's Travel Bag - finish the construction
  17. Norma's Snail's Trail - needs to be quilted
  18. Norma's Big Geese - needs to be quilted
  19. Norma's Louisiana Quilt - needs to be quilted
  20. Norma's Lone Star - needs to be quilted
  21. Norma's Scrap Circles - needs to be quilted
  22. Trisha's Quilt - needs to be quilted
I guess that's more than enough.  I'm beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed!

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