Saturday, April 18, 2015


Several times now, I have come up with the ultimate organization to keep track of my quilting projects from start to finish.  Well, I finally decided that I had to keep track of things separately.

This is my current organization for keeping track of quilt tops to be quilted.

I have an index card for each quilt top in the waiting list.  It contains the name of the person it belongs to, the name of the quilt top, it's size, the sized needed for back and batting.  I put check marks next to the back and batting when I know I have them and I can tell if a particular quilt top has all parts and is ready to go.

Then it goes on the board.  The left side of the board is for my quilts.  The right side of the board is for Mom's quilts.  And off the board, are other people's quilts.  If it has all of its parts ready to go, it goes toward the top.  If it is waiting on something, it goes near the bottom.

Then I have a shelving unit where I stack everything that is waiting.  All of the parts associated with each quilt are folded inside the top to keep them together.  For other people's quilts, I usually keep them in the bag that they brought them to me in so that nothing happens to them.  

The nice thing about this system is that I can see at a glance how I'm doing by just looking at the board.   The bad thing about this system is that I can see how many quilts are on the board waiting.

I guess that there are pros and cons to everything in life.

I dearly love going on quilting retreats.  I love all of the comradery with my quilty friends.  The food is fabulous!  I get some much done, etc.  The only problem is that when I come home from a retreat, my board goes from 6 to 15 overnight, especially if Mom was on the same retreat.

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