Sunday, July 27, 2014


Once again, time has blown by and I think I missed it.  I have been very busy for these past two weeks or so.  

I had to work some extra days on some different days of the week to make up for the time I took off to retreat three weekends in a row. What was I thinking!?!

It was time once again for the 5 year colonoscopy.  Not a thing to look forward to, but I am sure glad it is over.  In the past couple of years, four people that I know have been diagnosed with colon cancer, so even though I hate it, I certainly believe in testing.  This one was actually sooooo much easier than the last time.  That last time, I gagged and gagged and almost threw up so many times and ended up throwing out a good portion of the prep.  Mom told me that her doctor had her use Miralax and it did not taste bad at all. So, I looked it up on the Internet and followed the rules I found.  It really was not that bad. No real taste but a bit of saltiness.

Then I had to do my 4 month check up with the doctor, which also involved fasting  blood tests and not eating lunch until about 1:30pm.

My poor body is in survival mode.  It thinks I am starving to death!  No measure of dieting will convince it to let go of a single calorie right now.  It's too bad I can't trick it into thinking I badly need to lose weight.  Oops!  It wouldn't be a trick.  Too bad my body doesn't know that.

Then the washing machine broke.  We spent several days trying to figure it out and finally started searching for a new one.  An amazing thing happened!  It just so happened that our washer broke at the very same time that there was a sale on appliances.  Woohoo! Anyway..... It will be arriving tomorrow.

The garage was a total disaster area.  Guess what!  The washer has to go into the house through the garage.  So, I spent most of Wednesday and some of Thursday rearranging and organizing three lifetimes worth of stuff stored in the garage.  It's a bit more organized but does not take any less space.  What?  Was I hoping that it had shrunk or something?

Then I got a phone call from a lady who was cleaning out her mother's house in preparation for an estate sale.  Her mother is 96 and has moved in with her son somewhere on False River.  Anyway, she had 2 hand quilting frames that she wanted to GIVE away. She really did not want to put them in a dumpster somewhere.  Needless to say, I got the address and was on my way to pick up my windfall.  I now how two different sets of legs along with 4 sets of polls.  One set of legs has two sets of polls of different lengths with wooden gears. The other set of legs has a very long set of polls with metal gears.   It would probably fit a king size bed.  Don't know who I'll find who wants that set, but the other one is ALL MINE!   The last set of polls is really different and I am sure I'll figure them out eventually.  In the picture she sent me, the polls are reversed, but I can take care of that.

Yesterday was our Gulf States Quilting Association meeting in Daphne, AL.  Crazy me!  I got up at 6:00am and showered and got on the road in order to make it there for 10am. Good meeting.  Interesting topics.  Long drive!  On my way home, I stopped at exit 59 (Madisonville/Covington) and got gas and then went to Panera Bread for some dinner before continuing on.  While looking at the menu and trying to decide what to eat, I looked to my left and there was an old square dancing friend who lives over that way somewhere. Judy and Ken Saucer just happened to be in Panera Bread when I stopped in.  I haven't seen them in at least four years!  What a wonderful evening!

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QuiltSwissy said...

Talk about ups and downs! Glad everything went well. If you want to lose weight, have your knee replaced. I am down ten pounds, mostly because the heavy antibiotics kill taste and food longing. Trade offs!!

Love that old frame, what a find!