Friday, August 2, 2013

Getting my act together

OR at least trying.  I think maybe I forgot where I put it.

I've been going through my UFOs (unfinished fabric objects) to see what needs to be done.  I've been making lists for what needs batting and what size, for what needs a back and what size, etc.  

Don't you love lists?  I love to check things off.  Sometimes I have even been known to add something that I forgot onto the list just so I can check it off.

Well, I was able to check a few things off.  I found fabric for the backs for two quilts.  I trimmed the backing fabric for one quilt down to size.  I cut batting for four quilts, pinned a label on them indicating what quilt they are for and stacked them with their tops.

I loaded the newly trimmed back onto the quilt frame, added the batting and then pinned the top into place.  I wound the two bobbins I'll need to quilt it and then guess what happened.  I reached the end of the spool of thread.  I really wanted to use that thread, so now I'm all loaded up and unable to quilt.    

What a way to kill a good streak of motivation!

Now, I guess I'll have to wait for thread reinforcements to arrive.  Sure hope they don't get stuck in traffic.

I guess I'll have to piece a back or something else, assuming I can work up some more motivation.

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