Monday, June 3, 2013

Last Day

Well, it's my last day here.  

I got up early and hit town to check the mail one more time and to pick up some gifts for Mom and Mike.  Had lunch in town and came back here to make sure all the feeders were full and did some laundry, some cleanup, and started packing.  Ann and Vance called earlier and they'll be home around 5:00pm.  We're gonna go out for dinner.  My flight is at 7:00am so it'll be an early start for sure.

These little guys are big eaters.  They empty this feeder every single day.

This Western Tanager loves grape jelly.  Isn't he beautiful?

Busy, busy, busy.....

Waiting his turn at the feeder.

Looking for scraps falling from the bird feeders.

Don't know what this is but I bet it is beautiful when it is all in bloom.

Isn't this gorgeous?

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