Friday, May 17, 2013

What abundance!

There is such an abundance of wildlife here.  It really is amazing to see all of these animals thriving here.  It is a beautiful place but it is also a very severe lifestyle.  The winters are very tough and the summers are short.  Vance really appreciates them while they are here.

Yesterday, I knew it was supposed to rain so I stuck close to the cabin.  I saw the stormy looking clouds roll in over the mountains while I was snuggled safe here in my cabin reading.  About 2:00pm it rained hard for 10 minutes or so.  What a let down.  I read some more and then fell asleep.  I'm not used to rising at 6:30 and having sunlight until 9:30 or so.  I woke from my nap to the winds GUSTING and whistling and the trees blowing and the wind chimes ringing and ringing.  I wondered when the trees would fall or the cabin would lift off.  Just call me Dorothy.  After a while, the rain started and eventually the wind died down, but what a storm.  Later the rain came back in the form of a light drizzle which lasted most of the night.  If this keeps up the yard will be bright green by the end of the week.
Storm coming in over the mountains

Storm coming in over Sleeping Indian

After the storm

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