Thursday, May 30, 2013

Snake River

This is the Snake River between Jackson and Hoback Junction.  It's pretty calm in this stretch.

When I got back from my drive, I went down the side of the cabin to turn on the water for the trees and when I turned around, Foxy Lady had followed me down there.  She was less that 4 feet from me.  She is really a quiet thing and almost scared me to death when I turned around.  

The storms come mostly from the West here, which means they come in over the mountains.  That makes for surprises a lot of times because we don't see them until they are here.  This one will probably bring a short rain shower down here at the cabin, but it appears to be bringing a dusting of snow up there in the mountains.

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QuiltSwissy said...

So cool to see snow in the mountains. When we were there on summer injure we crossed the mountains at Ten Sleep Pass. We got to the apex and were treated to a blinding snow storm!

Not nice for a couple of Louisiana kids!