Sunday, November 11, 2012

Avoidance Behavior

After a hectic non-sleeping couple of days in the hospital, I really needed a quiet day.  Well, yesterday served that purpose, but it was hard not to sneak in another one.

I was up early this morning and it was a busy day.

- Vacuumed the house
- Wrote recommendation letter for a former employee
- Straightened up hall bathroom
- Moved daylilies out of square bed in back yard
- Moved bird bath from square bed in back yard
- Chopped up and moved huge tree limbs from yard
- Picked up sticks and limbs from yard
- Pulled up railroad ties around square bed
- Weed-eated all around cement steps in yard and around garden
- Mowed little back yard
- Swept carport
- Watered newly planted daylilies
- Grocery shopping

I think I was overcompensating.  After yesterday, I was afraid to sit still for too long or I might fall asleep.  Well, after making dinner, I spent some time catching up on my recorded TV shows and I had no trouble whatsoever staying awake.  Glad to know I'm over it.

Now that all the work is done, Tomorrow will be a sew day!  Do you ever find that your sewing time ends up last on the priority list?  Why is it that I can't allow myself to put everything else on hold?  Or is this my way of avoiding sewing?  Good question.  I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Whew! You make me tired just reading what you did. We have Santa CAAWS photos today so I was on my feet all day long.

Tomorrow I plan on sewing as well!

glen: wait till you see my new purse from Beth's class