Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Time Off

After one hectic 10 days or so of quilting, I decided I needed a little break.  The breakneck speed was going to send me in to burn-out and I certainly don't want to go there.

I spent Labor Day playing Santa Claus.  Well, not really, but it did kind of feel that way.  I loaded up my car (sleigh) and headed out to visit Mom and bring her 2 quilts that I quilted for her - the purple and yellow one as well as the orangey thing under it.  We did some running around looking for some trim for some curtains she was remaking and we had a nice lunch as well.

Then I headed over to see Deede to pick up some rulers and mats that she had for me.  We had a nice visit and reminisced about her mother (my friend) who died last year.

Shannon's Birthday Quilt
Then off to deliver Shannon's birthday quilt. It's from a pattern named Five Easy Pieces, which is really weird because there are 7 pieces in each block. Her birthday was last Christmas.  Yes, Christmas.  Can you imagine having your birthday on Christmas?  I wonder how many times she has wondered if everybody forgot her.  She really likes fleur de lis.  Can you tell? Anyway, here it was, probably the hottest day of the year and I show up with a quilt to keep her warm.  Oh well.  You got to get them when you can.

Then I went by my friend Sarah's house to deliver 2 quilts I quilted for her -- the purple, blue, green one and that really thick one on top.  One of them was the paper pieced log cabin (that thick one - higher loft batting) that she's been working on for about 4 years now.  She was so excited to see it and to finally get it off her plate.  We got to talking and then we were knee deep in fabric picking out ones to use in a quilt she is getting ready to start.

After I got home, I made up the binding for my mystery quilt.  Sorry, still can't show it to you.  It's gonna be hard to keep it hidden until November.  Anyway, I had a nice leisurely evening doing the handwork for that.

So, I still have my mystery quilt, which I'm holding until November, and a service project quilt (that green and white one) for my other guild.

Since then, I've been spending quite a bit of time reading - one Sue Grafton and lots of Clive Cussler.  He's one of my favorite authors.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Oh, frank LOVES Clive! If Carrie would have been a boy he wanted to name him Dirk Piitt Parks.......not a go with me though.

Congrats on all the finishes. Don't you love how fat it goes with the new machine??

See you tonight!!