Saturday, September 15, 2012

Curled up with a book

Sorry for my absence.  I've been curled up with a book, or more specifically, about 7 books.  I've been reading my way through about 25 Clive Cussler books since July.  I've finally hit the end and now I guess I have to find somebody else to read.  Any suggestions?

I had to take a break after my marathon quilting session.  I didn't want to burn out.  Or maybe I did burn out and just didn't realize it.  Or maybe I'm just in avoidance mode.

I've only got one more quilt ready for quilting.  The others still need something ( a border or a back etc.) before they are ready, which means I need to do some sewing.

Have you got old UFOs in your cabinet that you just can't seem to work on?   I guess whatever it was that made them UFOs in the first place is the same thing that keeps me from working on them now.   I have a friend that has just decided that her old UFOs are destined to remain that way and she is just forging onward.  I have not quite reached that point yet.  I still have a yearning to finish what I've started.  There are only 17 or so left......  Some of them are quite neat.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Yes, they are still there in the box in the corner!

I will pull one or two out from time to time, if inpsiration strikes, I will quilt them. But if not, I am least today!

Frank says he has you beat on the Clive Cussler books, he has read over 40 now. But not in one sitting!