Sunday, July 29, 2012

Organization - I think

I spent the entire day yesterday assisting my friend Sarah with organizing all of her quilting stuff.  You'd think that means organizing her sewing room, but alas, that was not the case.   She has fabric in at least two other rooms of the house (do you resemble this remark?).  But she also had non-quilting items in her sewing room.

We started out by taking EVERYTHING out of the closet.  Small spaces sure do hold a lot of stuff!  Then we proceeded on to trying to sort things together.  Gather all the fat quarters in the same place.  Gather all the yardage in the same place.  Gather all the backings together in the same place.  Every time we thought we had it all, we found more.

There were lots of questions.  What is this?  Do you use this regularly?  Do you like this?  Is there anything you'd like to donate or throw away?  Did you know you had this many kits?  Did you even know you had this?  It had to have been a very emotional thing for her to have all of her stuff exploded everywhere.

It took from 10:00am until 6:00pm and it was mostly complete.   She said that it was so helpful to have an unbiased third party helping and keeping her on task.  It was exhausting, but it was worth it.  I only hope it is helpful to her.  At the very least, I know that she should not HAVE to go shopping for quite some time, because she has more fabric than she even dreamed until she saw it all together. 

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QuiltSwissy said...

Daughter Carrie is an Interior Designer with an Architecture firm. She says you should ALWAYS have an uninterested 3rd party involved with you do clean out work.

But I warn you, she is not the one to have in there with you.....she tosses EVERYTHING!