Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crazy Couple of Days

Our poor little Sweetheart was having a really hard time.  She was sneezing all night long and she was miserable.  And because she was miserable, so was I.  I was up for at least 2 hours in the night trying to console her, and unable to sleep because I was worried about her.

I ended up turning off the alarm and sleeping in, now that I was finally able to sleep.  When I got up, we were off to the Vet.  She was happy to be picked up and loved on, but when I headed for the door, she started looking for a way out.  She knew what was up.

When we got there, it turns out that the issue is her teeth.  Again!  I don't know if it is her breed (Chihuahua and Pomeranian) or something she is doing or what, but we are going to have to put this girl on a regular dental schedule, so she doesn't suffer this way again.

She spent the day at the dentist and was VERY happy to see me that afternoon.  Now, we are into 10 days of antibiotics.  Oh boy! Oh boy!  We get to have cheese twice a day!

My sleep patterns were out of whack so I've been early to bed the last couple of days and have not gotten anything done in the sewing room.

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QuiltSwissy said...

Poor Sweetheart! Tell her Chloe the Smelly Basset is scheduled for dental surgery on Thursday next week. She is becoming a very very expensive basset!

Hope teeth are better, and cheese is plentiful!