Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cleaning & Cutting

I finished up Norma's travel bag this morning. It was a real challenge. I had all the pieces that she had already cut. A few had fleece already ironed on them and there was some binding on one part, but that was it. I had a picture of what the bag was supposed to look like, but no pattern. It was a real challenge, but I did my best and I think it came out okay. I totally forgot to take a picture. Oh well. We delivered four quilts and the finished travel bag to Deede. This means that I am finally done with all that of the projects that I had committed to finish for my friend Norma who died last November.

We took pound cake to DBF's father for his birthday and had a nice visit.  We also brought them some tomatoes from the garden.

When we got home, I had designs on getting something done.   Right off, I realized that nothing was going to happen unless or until I cleaned up the sewing room, so I got busy.  I actually got my book and fabric closet cleaned up and organized so that I can get in the door.  I got the sewing table cleaned off and you can actually see the entire cutting mat for the first time in months. 

It's so much easier to work in here.  It's so much easier to get excited about working on something, anything.  

Our quilt guild is working on a mystery quilt.  The first installment was passed out back in January. The mystery is called War Between the States and it was suggested that Civil War prints would be good.  I finally got my fabric about a week and a half ago.  It's gonna be a bit wild.  Today, I actually got it all cut out.  I guess you could say I've finally finished up the February installment. I've only got four more months to catch up on. I'd better get going. I can't believe I've postponed this so long and finally gotten started just before the last installment. I believe that the last installment is to be given out either in August or September (I think September). I only have until November to get this done. At this rate, I'm in trouble.

I took off work tomorrow and Tuesday. Other than physical therapy, I'll be free to get at least something sewn or cut or SOMETHING in that time frame. Especially now that the room is cleaned up. I'd better take this opportunity to make use of these things before they get buried again.

For now, I think it's break time.  I'm gonna go read and let the sewing room just be clean for a while.

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QuiltSwissy said...

I LOVE the fabrics for m mystery quilt!!!!

This will be a winner!

glen: mystery leader!