Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This evening I got a new quilt loaded onto the frame.  This one is called Hither and Yon.  It's 90x114 and it really fills up my frame.  I'm really being ambitious tackling this one right off the bat, but then again, that BQ was 75x95 so it wasn't exactly small either.  

This is one of my dear friend Norma's quilts.  It was one of the 20 or so quilts that she left behind incomplete.  It was just blocks, so I had to finish the blocks and put them together and put on the borders.  It's been over six months since she passed and I have this one left.  She had so many things she wanted to do before she went and it caused her great concern.  I told her not to worry and I promised her that I would make sure that they were finished.  It's taken a while, but I'm getting there.

Right now I'm just working on cranking out the quilting.  Once they come off the frame, I am just piling them in a stack.  I have a retreat coming up in July and plan to square, trim and bind just before I go so I'l have bit of hand work to do when I take a break from the sewing machine. Also, with this group, we generally have at least one night when we have "binding and a movie".  Everybody gets into their pajamas and works on hand work while we watch a movie.  I may even be able to enlist some help with the three of Norma's that will be in the pile.  They were her friends too and I'm sure they'll help.

So, anyway, all loaded up and ready to start on the quilting......tomorrow.  I'm gonna wind some bobbins and then I'm hitting the sack.


QuiltSwissy said...

It must be bittersweet quilting on Norma's quilts. I know you miss her.

I feel that way when I use material from my good friend Pat. She died last year and her son's sent me three boxes of her fabric. I just can't give it to charity, I need to use it and think of her.


Joni said...

Yes, I have some of Norma's fabric as well. And we adopted her dog "Little Man", so he is a daily reminder.