Monday, April 16, 2012

Fish, Fish and more Fish!


King Mackerel
DBF returned home last night from a week of working on the condo and fishing.  He arrived with 3 ice chests of fish - Pompano and King Mackerel.  We will be eating fish at least once a week from now one.  He'll be leaving again on Thursday for another weekend of fishing while the Pompano are still running.  Plus, there's more work to be done on the condo.

Now that he's home, we need to get the lawn mowed.  I was going to do it, but I couldn't get the mower started.  It'll need to be jumped to get it started.  We also need to replant the stuff in the garden that didn't come up. And replant those tomatoes that didn't make it.

This weekend is the GSQA Quilt Show in Slidell.  Can't wait to go see some quilt eye candy!  My AAQI quilt will be hanging as well, which will be kind of neat.  It'll be nice to have access to several quilt shops all in one place.   Need to find some thread.  Hope they have the kind I need.  Even though I know it's probably out there in cyberspace somewhere, I much prefer instant gratification.

Other than that, I'll be trying to get some quilts completed this weekend.  My UFO pile is totally out of control.

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